Visibilidad e impacto Uniandes Sede Caribe

Visibility and Impact

Universidad de los Andes opening a campus in Cartagena is a response to the main points in its 2016 – 2020 strategic planning process.
  • To have a greater national impact: a presence in the regions and be inclusive.
  • Internationalization with a strategic vision for the university and the country.
  • Interdisciplinary and collaborative work as a way of adding value and innovating
This is the explicit manifestation of its decision to have greater VISIBILITY AND IMPACT, which is indicated in Strategic Point 2 in the 2016-2020 Institutional Development Plan:
“Increase participation in projects with external sectors and contribute to the creation of public policies, creating links with the regions through education and research as well as achieving a high level of internationalization”.
Four Strategic Objectives were established to fulfill this mandate:
  • Achieve a greater level of internationalization through programs and projects together with the highest quality international universities and organizations and build research and collaboration networks that include professors, alumni, and students.

  • Educate professionals to have global skills and leadership and who are connected with entrepreneurial activities, companies, public organizations, the tertiary sector, and the community with a clear vocation as agents of change in Colombian society.
  • Increase the university’s participation/ contribution in projects with business, government, trade unions, the tertiary sector, and other organizations in a way that contributes with new knowledge to the construction of a prosperous and equal society.
  • Strengthen links with regional strategic partners through activities relating to education, research, and consultancy.
In view of the above, the presence of the Universidad de los Andes in Cartagena favors achieving these objectives by:
i) Offering suitable spaces to undertake activities and programs for further education, executive education, consultancy, and services based on local needs in the Caribbean region.
ii) Helping the coming together of and dialogue between the university, academic institutions, national and international organizations, and multilateral organizations to develop research, consultancy, and services projects based on local needs in the Caribbean region.
The educational activities will be developed through workshops, seminars, executive education courses and programs, further education, international weeks, summer courses, and, in the future, postgraduate programs. As such, the university is looking to contribute to developing talent that has an international perspective.